Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tigers at Twilight

Dear Readers Today I am going to write about Tigers at Twilight by Mary Pope Osborne.  That's what Jack and Annie find when the Magi Tree House whisks them and Teddy, the enchanted do, to a forest in India. One summer day in Frog Creek,  Pennsylvania, a mysterious tree house appeared in the woods. There is a boy named Jack and he is 8 years old and he has a little sister and her name is Annie and she is 7 years old. And they found out there was a tree house in the woods and it was a big tree and they clime to go in the tree house and they went up and in it there was a lot of books and they read  some books and Jack and Annie found a book together it was and it was about a tigers in a woods and they said I wish I can go there so they went there and they were learning new things there about the animals how they live in the woods sometime with know food and Annie said how do you find food if there is know pizza, candy and lot more. Jack said animals that live hear do not get food like that they fruits the are from a plant or a tree. But there are some animals that eat other animals because some eat meat. Like a tigers Annie said  I like tigers said Annie this tigers like live in the forest are not nice that are in the zoo. Are like toys this tigers can eat us because we are meat to. But you do not have to be scared of this tiger because I think that this tiger is nice to us and are tiger Teddy. We  read this book an ever day so I think that this tiger is going to be nice to us ok and Annie said ok.  So they to find the tiger and the tiger was there and he I was going to get the Jack, Annie and Teddy but then the tiger got hut but and he went to sleep. Then Jack was helping  the tiger the tiger was free but the tiger said thank you for helping me get out the net. So the tiger is not going to get Jack, Annie and Teddy. So they live happen so they went home but Jack learn a lot too and Annie to. So they went back home and they said to there mom and dad that they a lot new today and the persans said what they were learning about  tigers and they were happy.

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