Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mysteries March Mischief

Dear Readers, Today I am going to write about  Mysteries March Mischief  by Ron Roy this book is a good book this book is  like the magic tree house books This book is about when the kids bought there leprechauns  to put close  and  to see how they   win with custom's. And there is  four kids and there name are Bradley, Brain, Nate, and Lucy  and they all are  in the same classroom then the next day. When they go to school to get it was not there  so it was a mysteries  for them they were looking  for a long time they did  not take a brake  all night and all day. When it was two days before the day they had to give it to there teacher. When it was the next day    they had to give to there teacher when they said that they said that they lost it and they went all over looking for it. But when brain said it was all the time in my room but it was not it because  a doll it was its sister doll. But when the teacher said it was in the classroom because  you guys were done  and you guys forgot it hear at school. And that remember when I was in  school before but not fifth grade.   I hope you guys read this book because it is a very funny book and it is a mysteries that is cool. When they woke up it was missing because they give it to there teacher and they for got it that they give it to there teacher. They were going crazy but the good thing it was ok and it did not brake.                                              

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