Wednesday, May 7, 2014

JUDY MOODY and the not bummer summer

Dear Readers, Today I am going to write about  a book call Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer by Peter H.   This book is very funny it talk  about when Judy is at school  and there teacher said we are going to  have a test. They said like it was not fear that there is going to be a test in the last day of school. But it was not really a test because it was just  a quiz.  When it the bell ring  everyone was running outside but first they said bye and then they ran.  Judy said bye to his teacher and there was kids that push her in the ground but she was ok. So when they got home  they got on a little house  and it was a club that they hate summer. But when they saw a new friend, they went to a small river so they can they find a toad. When they were looking for a toad a found a lot of rocks in finally found a toad. So they give it to a new friend  and they told her what do you feel. She said I just feel a toad, just watch and feel the toad peed. So when they were getting  to plan to have  a good summer. His best best  friend said I need to tell you that I am going to a summer circles camp  and there new friend said that she is going to a little island. Judy was laugh you guys I thought you guys are rally were going  to circles camp and what  is  a little island it is rally. I am going next Friday. Judy was sad but frank said I am not going anywhere for the summer and she said that was just great just great.  I was not the best summer  when they found   there teacher  they got  ticks for they circles it was fun summer because they found there teacher, they learn about bigfoot  and put hats on a lion in the library. Not rever lions just for fun at night time. So it was a fun summer after all.

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