Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gaby, Lost And Found

Dear Readers, Today I am going to write about Gaby, Lost And found by  Angela Cervantes this is a  very good book.  It tells about when  Gaby starts giving  like letters  to people of animals that needs home and write about the animals it is most  about the cats in the story. Gaby is sad when her mom was gone I forgot if her mom died I do not know. But when she was gone Gaby  she got was shy. But she works in most in a in cat shelter  that  is her favorite  places and ramblers'  about her mom.  One day  when her mom was gone said had to move with her dad  it was and it was a yellow house.  She saw a cat stuck on the tree and it look like it need help getting done because it was very high. She rambler  when she climber the tree it was last summer when they were throwing water balloon  on some boys.  And ones she remember that her mom climbered the tree so she can help the cat get down from the tree.  It looks just like the one my mom got down, it was the same cat. Will a lot of people got the letter  and got a lot of cats and dog and Gaby was happy and she got a lot of money that she was happy that cats and dogs got a new and safe home

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