Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mysteries March Mischief

Dear Readers, Today I am going to write about  Mysteries March Mischief  by Ron Roy this book is a good book this book is  like the magic tree house books This book is about when the kids bought there leprechauns  to put close  and  to see how they   win with custom's. And there is  four kids and there name are Bradley, Brain, Nate, and Lucy  and they all are  in the same classroom then the next day. When they go to school to get it was not there  so it was a mysteries  for them they were looking  for a long time they did  not take a brake  all night and all day. When it was two days before the day they had to give it to there teacher. When it was the next day    they had to give to there teacher when they said that they said that they lost it and they went all over looking for it. But when brain said it was all the time in my room but it was not it because  a doll it was its sister doll. But when the teacher said it was in the classroom because  you guys were done  and you guys forgot it hear at school. And that remember when I was in  school before but not fifth grade.   I hope you guys read this book because it is a very funny book and it is a mysteries that is cool. When they woke up it was missing because they give it to there teacher and they for got it that they give it to there teacher. They were going crazy but the good thing it was ok and it did not brake.                                              

The Land of stories the wishing spell

Dear Readers, Today I am going to write about  The land of stories the wishes spell by Chris Colfer  this is a good book you guys should read this book coming soon the second book and I think it is going to be good that this one. So how it start is that Alex open a book it was a old book  it was there dads  book so when. Alex was reading the words a animal went out of the book  so it went to the world. So Conner and Alex fell out the in the book it was stores about snow white and sleeping Beatty it most about in the book. It tells about stories from all ago when they go in the book it tells about the book and same and a little different. Tells al about different story's all the animals talk  will not all the animals talk.    This book is almost like the magic tree house book  and took them a long time. And Alex and Conner are twins they both went in the book  for a long time.  It took them a long time to go to different places but on this one time does move on. Then they get lost but they get help on the way when they got to there place they learn a lot  when they were done  it was there birthday. I think they were truning 12 years old or 13 years old I do not remember. When they got home there mom and dad hug them a lot  time and they were happy they were back for there birthday. They learn a lot I hope you like this book when you read it. This is a good book.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Charlotte's Web

Dear Readers, Today I am going to write  about a book called Charlotte's Web by E.D white this is a good book I have read the book and I have seen the movie. It is the same thing it is a funny  book and sad two. When the girl was in bed and when she woke up she saw all the baby pig and the dad was going to kill a baby pig because it did not have a room to drink the milk out of its mom because there was only  ten  and there was eleven pigs so he had to kill the one that did not have it but the little girl said. If I was to small or that happen to me will you kill me. The dad said  know I will not kill you but this is just a pig  put it is know different. The little girl was give milk to the little pig. So the next day the girl was giving milk to the pig it was time to the kids to go to school so the kids to the pig in her jacket an d so got her pack back . And there mom said do for get about your books so her dad give her  the books the dad did not see that. When they got to school she put the pig in her deck  then the table was moving so she give her  the pig the milk. Then the pig stopped for a little pit  then it was  moved  when the teacher saw she needed to go home because she binged a pig to school. So she went home help the pig then  when the pig was big she need to give the pig away   so she did give it away to it neabor it was not so bad.   Then was a spider and that spider was helping them the pig after she was helping the pig a lot when it was the day that pig had towin the pig lost but when the jug look they give it to the wrong pig. They won because they saw the web it said word that helped the pig so they win after that the spider was laying her baby and then the spider deid that was sad it took a  long time to the baby to be born it was then ten thousand  so when they were born all of them lift and two stayed were there mom was.

Tigers at Twilight

Dear Readers Today I am going to write about Tigers at Twilight by Mary Pope Osborne.  That's what Jack and Annie find when the Magi Tree House whisks them and Teddy, the enchanted do, to a forest in India. One summer day in Frog Creek,  Pennsylvania, a mysterious tree house appeared in the woods. There is a boy named Jack and he is 8 years old and he has a little sister and her name is Annie and she is 7 years old. And they found out there was a tree house in the woods and it was a big tree and they clime to go in the tree house and they went up and in it there was a lot of books and they read  some books and Jack and Annie found a book together it was and it was about a tigers in a woods and they said I wish I can go there so they went there and they were learning new things there about the animals how they live in the woods sometime with know food and Annie said how do you find food if there is know pizza, candy and lot more. Jack said animals that live hear do not get food like that they fruits the are from a plant or a tree. But there are some animals that eat other animals because some eat meat. Like a tigers Annie said  I like tigers said Annie this tigers like live in the forest are not nice that are in the zoo. Are like toys this tigers can eat us because we are meat to. But you do not have to be scared of this tiger because I think that this tiger is nice to us and are tiger Teddy. We  read this book an ever day so I think that this tiger is going to be nice to us ok and Annie said ok.  So they to find the tiger and the tiger was there and he I was going to get the Jack, Annie and Teddy but then the tiger got hut but and he went to sleep. Then Jack was helping  the tiger the tiger was free but the tiger said thank you for helping me get out the net. So the tiger is not going to get Jack, Annie and Teddy. So they live happen so they went home but Jack learn a lot too and Annie to. So they went back home and they said to there mom and dad that they a lot new today and the persans said what they were learning about  tigers and they were happy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

JUDY MOODY and the not bummer summer

Dear Readers, Today I am going to write about  a book call Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer by Peter H.   This book is very funny it talk  about when Judy is at school  and there teacher said we are going to  have a test. They said like it was not fear that there is going to be a test in the last day of school. But it was not really a test because it was just  a quiz.  When it the bell ring  everyone was running outside but first they said bye and then they ran.  Judy said bye to his teacher and there was kids that push her in the ground but she was ok. So when they got home  they got on a little house  and it was a club that they hate summer. But when they saw a new friend, they went to a small river so they can they find a toad. When they were looking for a toad a found a lot of rocks in finally found a toad. So they give it to a new friend  and they told her what do you feel. She said I just feel a toad, just watch and feel the toad peed. So when they were getting  to plan to have  a good summer. His best best  friend said I need to tell you that I am going to a summer circles camp  and there new friend said that she is going to a little island. Judy was laugh you guys I thought you guys are rally were going  to circles camp and what  is  a little island it is rally. I am going next Friday. Judy was sad but frank said I am not going anywhere for the summer and she said that was just great just great.  I was not the best summer  when they found   there teacher  they got  ticks for they circles it was fun summer because they found there teacher, they learn about bigfoot  and put hats on a lion in the library. Not rever lions just for fun at night time. So it was a fun summer after all.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gaby, Lost And Found

Dear Readers, Today I am going to write about Gaby, Lost And found by  Angela Cervantes this is a  very good book.  It tells about when  Gaby starts giving  like letters  to people of animals that needs home and write about the animals it is most  about the cats in the story. Gaby is sad when her mom was gone I forgot if her mom died I do not know. But when she was gone Gaby  she got was shy. But she works in most in a in cat shelter  that  is her favorite  places and ramblers'  about her mom.  One day  when her mom was gone said had to move with her dad  it was and it was a yellow house.  She saw a cat stuck on the tree and it look like it need help getting done because it was very high. She rambler  when she climber the tree it was last summer when they were throwing water balloon  on some boys.  And ones she remember that her mom climbered the tree so she can help the cat get down from the tree.  It looks just like the one my mom got down, it was the same cat. Will a lot of people got the letter  and got a lot of cats and dog and Gaby was happy and she got a lot of money that she was happy that cats and dogs got a new and safe home

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Summer of the Sea Serpent

Dear Reader, Today I am going to white about Summer of the sea serpent by  Mary Pope Osborne  When jack and Annie went to the magic tree house they saw a book and it is we  need help. So they open the book and they saw a picture  and they said. I which I can go there so they  went there and they were in a cave  and they said we do not know were we are but in five mines. There was a spider  web and it was very big  that jack threw a big rock and it work  and they went there was a little bit of water.  Annie said something is  behind us  when they look it was a spider with eight eyes but it was a nice spider. The spider help jack and Annie and put on a land. In two mines there were two kids there name was Teddy and  Kathleen  and there are best friend   and they said when you go  in the water you are a sea.  When jack went in the water  he was a sea. Then he was out and he was  a person again. When they got back to the cave it there was the spider.  And the spider is a queen and it is hair on it with  eight eyes. That was scare but it was nice spider. That bad thing was that there was a snakes that they need to be killed. Because it was killing people so at the end when the got the sored. It got dark  that there was a storm it was very bad. That they went to the water and they trine  around the snake was there it was hard for them to kill the snake but. When they got up on the rock the snake got be like a tree, when the snake was going to get the sored. But jack put  the sored right  in the snake that was hard scared a lot blood came out a lot of people were happy  that the snake was died.  When they went back home the time has not change.